Words from the Wives

After we got engaged, wedding dress shopping suddenly seemed daunting. To spare our self esteem, we decided to lose some weight before squeezing into sample sizes. The result has been an overhaul of all aspects of our lives. We’ve gone from sedentary and snuggly, to runners and recipe dealers. The foundation of our new lifestyle was a constant crusade for new and healthy recipes, leading us to institute new recipe night every Saturday night. As a result of our weekly new recipe nights we have had a flood of demands from friends and family to share, photocopy, print off, and link our recipes…well the tasty ones anyways. The following represents a log of our tried and true healthy go-to meals (which at one point or another were all the products of new recipe night) as well as our new weekly attempts at clean eating. Join us in our never-ending search for clean, healthy meals. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!

-Chels & Lan


December 25th 2013: Merry Christmas!


“Who ever heard of a skinny Santa? Eat! Eat!” – Mrs. Claus

October 31st 2013

pirate, pumpkin, pirate pumpkin, halloween, dontdigyourgravewithknivesandforks, healthy recipes

Happy Halloween!



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