Apple Nachos!!

When it comes to healthy eating, sometimes one of the things you start to miss the most is finishing off a nice sit-down family dinner with dessert. But as we have said before and wholeheartedly believe, finding healthy alternatives instead of completely eliminating aspects of your diet is a much easier way to clean up your eating habits and maintain that positive lifestyle change. So what does that mean for tonight’s new recipe? Why, it means we hope you ate all of your veggies, because it’s time for dessert!!

Apple nachos

Apple nachos are a great guilt-free way to enjoy a satisfying dessert with a bit of sweetness. This recipe is extremely flexible; different variations on the toppings can make them cater to raw, vegetarian, and even vegan lifestyles! Using the apples as a base adds some natural sweetness to the dessert should you not want to overdo it on the toppings, or load on the toppings for cheat night and enjoy with the knowledge that your dessert still contains healthy vitamins and minerals in the apple base!

Apple nachos

Apples, cored and sliced horizontally
Natural peanut butter, warmed
Shaved %50 dark chocolate
Shaved unsweetened coconut
Sliced almonds
Toasted pecans

Lay the apples slices on the plate intended for serving. Drizzle honey and peanut butter over apples slices (it gives something for the other toppings to stick to!). Sprinkle the apples with remaining ingredients to taste and serve! You can also put any remaining ingredients or sauces in small serving dishes to accompany the nacho plate in case your guests want to add any more toppings before enjoying! Enjoy raw, or warm slightly in the oven.

Apple nachos

Above we have listed the toppings that we decided to use, but the flexibility of this recipe is limited only by your imagination! Some other ideas for toppings include:
Raw cacao nibs
Macadamia nuts
Caramel sauce
Almond butter
Brown sugar

Enjoy! And don’t forget to leave a comment your favourite apple nacho toppings!



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