New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years!
I can’t believe it is 2015 already! We have had a crazy year and are still settling into our new city, new routines, and desperately trying to quell our post trip wanderlust, for the time being anyways. I find myself reminiscing lately about my past resolutions, and wanted to share a few of them with you. It seems silly, but resolutions really can change your life. Even when we don’t follow through with them, the act of making resolutions forces us to look inside ourselves, and to evaluate our wants, needs, and lifestyles. I have certainly found resolutions to be life changing, and they don’t only have to come on new years! This blog was created over a year ago now because of a resolution.

Our New Kitchen

New Year, New Kitchen!

One of the things Chels and I decided to try to keep ourselves on track and interested in healthy eating was to start a new recipe night. At first it seemed daunting. Did we really have time to plan and shop and create something new every single week? But a simple shift in our attitudes, and suddenly we were saying four new dishes a month can’t be that hard! And while no one is prefect, and we do miss every now and then, over a year later we are still devoted to our blog, and our ever growing stacks of cookbooks, and our quality time spent together creating in the kitchen. That’s the amazing thing about resolutions, they can change you forever! And for anyone out there who wants to lose weight, or eat healthier, or just try new foods, weekly new recipe nights are seriously a great way to go about it.


So what are we going to aim for this year? Well, two years ago in the middle of a running program I made a new years resolution to run a marathon by 2016. A move, debilitating foot injury and lots of pizza and Christmas cookies in the past two months has made this more unlikely than it seemed two years ago, but I want it more than ever! This year is all about the training! Any of you who follow me on instagram prepare for lots of sweaty post workout pics!


As for my last years resolutions:
Try new spices – check!
Travel – check! Amazing 2 months!
Make meditation a habit – not so much, but time to get back into it!
Floss every day – I floss more than I used to…but not quite what I resolved to do ha ha.

2 for 4, I can live with that!

This year:
Make a training plan and stick to it. 2016 is the year of the marathon, so 2015 will be the year of prep!
Actually make meditation a habit.
Read more of Chelsea’s favourite books.
Type less, write more.

Happy New Years Everyone!


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