Spinach Pie 2.0


Leek & Spinach Pie was one of the very first healthier recipes we ever tried making. While perhaps not the most healthy of every meal we have made since, at the time it was a big step towards cleaning up our diet. You can find the original recipe here.
One thing we enjoy doing when we don’t necessarily have the time to try out a bunch of new recipes is to tweak and adjust recipes we have tried already, either to make them a bit more healthy or to change the flavour profile according to our tastes of the moment. Have a look below to see some of tips to clean up our Leek & Spinach Pie recipe, while sacrificing none of the great taste!


Give these changes a try:
– Substitute quinoa for the rice! As a grain substitute, quinoa is also a complete protein, meaning that it contains all none of the essential amino acids that humans cannot synthesize in the body! This is good news indeed for those following vegetarian eating habits. And even for the carnivores, quinoa has a great nutrient balance!
– Consider using low fat cheese to cut down on some calories.
– You could also use a greater percentage cheddar cheese as opposed to the Parmesan. On average, cheddar is a bit lower in calories, however this may depend on the brand. You could also consider cutting back on the total amount of cheese in the entire recipe!
– While we support eating both the egg whites and yolks (as egg yolks are a great source of nutrients), anybody with a concern for their LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol levels can use egg whites only instead of the entire eggs.

Let us know what tips you have for keeping your favourite recipes clean but still delicious!



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