Update! Hot & Healthy Cauliflower Rice


Welcome back for a quick update on our delicious Savoury Roasted Cauliflower Rice dish! The great thing about a recipe like this is that you truly can experiment, try new flavours, and make it your own. Tweaking proportions of ingredients or introducing new spices can be a wonderful and easy way to try new foods and flavours without completely turning your kitchen upside down!

We loved the first savoury cauliflower rice we made, but this time around we wanted to give it a spicy flavour profile to better match the main dish we were making. Maybe you have a go-to recipe in your arsenal that could use a quick update, don’t be afraid to give it a try!


Using the same recipe in our post for Savoury Roasted Cauliflower Rice, simply replace the basil, rosemary, and garlic powder with the following:

1/4 tsp cracked chili peppers
1/2 tsp garlic powder

The flavour combinations are endless! Let us know what spices you tried!



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