Protein Waffles!

protein waffles, ham waffles, egg waffles, jam waffles

Sweet and savoury protein waffles

So we aren’t sure if you guys can tell yet, but…we love breakfast! Seriously, it’s one of the best meals of the day. There is nothing like sleeping in a bit in the morning, whipping up an easy yet delicious breakfast, and enjoying it over a fresh press of coffee. Yum! Now what if I told you those waffles that you have longed for since you started eating clean could actually be good for you? Bonus!

protein waffles

Sweet protein waffles, with homemade blueberry jam and fresh mango

There are so many good things about these waffles, I don’t know where to start! First off, they are gluten free, making them perfect for those in your life with dietary restrictions! They are also protein packed, containing both protein powder and eggs. So if you opt for more savoury versions and top with ham and an over-easy egg, you will stay full and satisfied well into the day! If you are making these waffles for more of a late morning brunch, they also pair well with sweeter toppings such as jam, whipped cream, and fruit! Check out our easy recipe for healthy blueberry jam as a topping!

ham waffles, egg waffles, protein waffles

Ham and egg smothered protein waffles

A couple of things to keep in mind as you are making these:

  • This recipe as is makes only four waffles. While this may not seem like a lot, remember that they contain a ton of protein, and are more filling than their standard counterparts! If you do enjoy them with eggs, ham, fruit, or other sides, you may not need to eat as many as if you are enjoying them on their own with a little maple syrup.
  • These seem to create a lot of steam as they are cooking (at least in our waffle iron), so don’t worry, this is normal.
  • It does not matter what kind of yogurt you make them with, but it may affect the texture a bit. We have made them both with homemade (standard 2%) and 0% Greek yogurt, and both were delicious! The only difference was that the thicker Greek yogurt makes them a bit more dense (and adds some more protein!). To counteract this, you can try mixing with a hand mixer to get more air into the mixture and make them more fluffy.
  • If you don’t own a waffle iron, you can easily heat up a frying pan and turn them into pancakes! Still uber delicious! But we enjoy them more as waffles. 🙂
sweet waffles, blueberry waffles, protein waffles

Mmmmmm blueberry smothered protein waffles


Makes 4 waffles.

2 scoops (~60g ) unflavoured protein powder
2 Tbsp psyllium husk
1/2 cup unflavoured yogurt
2 eggs
Optional: we added a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg into the waffles topped with blueberry jam. This gives them a slightly different colour and a delicious holiday zing!

Combine protein powder and psyllium husk in a medium bowl or measuring cup (a measuring cup may make it more easy to pour during the cooking stage). Add in yogurt and mix well. Beat in both eggs and mix thoroughly.

Cook in a preheated waffle iron for 2-3 minutes until golden brown, but keep a close eye on them the first few times you make them as cooking time may vary depending on your waffle iron!

Enjoy with savoury toppings such as ham and egg, or sweet topping like jam, maple syrup, fruit, or whipped cream!

As side note, we have never tried making them with flavoured/fruit yogurts. If you are adventurous and try it, let us know how it turns out! Enjoy!

protein waffles, ham waffles, egg waffles

A protein packed waffles delight!


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