Meet the Wives


dontdigyourgravewithknivesandforks, lan, wifey, pumpkin

Pumpkin Kisses!

I’ve never been in amazing shape, and until a few years ago never really cared about being in great physical shape. I was a competitive swimmer and lifeguard all through high school, and was strong as a byproduct of that. Once I started university however, fitness was never a priority. I graduated with a BSc. in Biological Sciences, and a beautiful fiancee who was an awe inspiring weight thrower, and I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I wasn’t unhappy until the prospect of trying on wedding dresses began to loom. The fitness journey began. Happily married, with some successful weight loss under my belt, I want to push my body to new limits, do things I never would have dreamed of before. The big dream since completing our first 5k has been to run a marathon.


dontdigyourgravewithknivesandforks, pumpkin brains, chels, wifey

Pumpkin Braaaaaains!

I grew up playing all kinds of sports, from volleyball and basketball to rugby and hockey, but was always on the heavy side. Even through university I was training 6 days a week for varsity track and field (hammer throw and shot put), but I could never drop below a certain plateau. After meeting my future wife and graduating with a Bsc in Biology with honours, the exercise and training ended as well, and the pounds began to pile on. Finally, with a wedding on the horizon and at my highest weight ever, we decided enough was enough, and our health journey began. After a year and a half, 40lbs lost, and one wedding, there are two things I have learned that have made the world of difference. First, there is no way I could have achieved any of this without my wife. Without a partner to plan with, to run with, to cook with, to pick me up, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And second, no amount of exercise can make up for a poor diet. Period. When this finally clicked for us, new recipe night became and has stayed a part of our weekly lineup.


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