Running Program

When we first started out fitness journey, it took us three months to come to the conclusion that if we really wanted to start getting fit and seeing results, we had to start running. As we were both completely new to running, we started with a beginner plan. We began by running every other day, so seven runs at each level took approximately two weeks to complete. And the “Accomplished!” column leaves just enough room for seven stickers to track your progress throughout the level! Convenient, eh?

Running screenshot

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Cardio-Weight Circuit

After we began to get more comfortable with running every other day, we decided that it was time to add some cross training into our fitness regime to further increase our fitness. After doing some research and trying yoga, pilates, and various online workout videos, we settled on a cardio-weight circuit training plan that we adapted from a book based on The Biggest Loser TV show. The concept behind this type of workout is that you receive the strength training benefits of weight lifting, but the rest time between exercises is short enough that your heart rate remains elevated for the duration of the workout, thereby also benefiting your cardiovascular system.

We welcome you to give our Circuit Workout a go, but we recommend that whatever type of workout you try, that you try them out and adapt them to the capabilities of your own body. Don’t get us wrong, the workout should be tough enough to challenge you, but not so tough that you are in any undue amount of pain, or are unable to perform enough of the exercises to make the workout worth doing. In our own case, we tried out the original circuit and had to modify it as some of the exercises placed too much stress on our knees (we both have had knee problems in the past). From there, we progressed from performing these exercises with very light weights at a low number of reps, to increasing the weight, rep count, and finally to doing two circuits in one workout! No matter where you start, this program is definitely doable, and can continue to challenge you as you improve at it, so long as you keep pushing yourself! Good luck!!


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